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Mrs.  Laura  Heflin
5th Grade Teacher
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Readworks Digital

Reading passages and questions.

NC Studies Weekly

Our social studies newspapers and quizzes.

Classroom Book Organizer

Check out and return Mrs. Heflin's classroom library books.

News ELA

Differentiated reading passages and questions.

Words Their Way Spelling Sorts

A collection of Words Their Way interactive spelling sorts.

Spelling City

Practice your spelling words with games and activities.

Place Value
Who Wants to be a Hundredaire?

Identify the place

What is the Value?

Identify the value

Mystery Numbers

Drag digits to correct place

Count Me In Too

Practice expanded form

Place Value and Number Forms

Practice standard, expanded, and word forms

Rounding Soccer

Round to different places up to thousands place

Pirate Rounding

Round to different places

Rounding Quiz

Round to different places up to millions

Decimals of the Caribbean

identify decimals presented in word form

Race to 1,000

Add up to 3-digit numbers

Which Is Not a Factor?

Which Number? Prime/Composite

Electric Circuits


Run On Sentences

Convert to Mixed Numbers

Convert to Improper Fractions

Tony Fraction’s Pizza Shop

make pizza and determine equivalents

Memory Match

equivalent fractions

Simply Baseball

simplify fractions

Simply Soccer

simplify fractions

Fraction Fling

identify mixed number/improper fraction based on picture

Math Man

like PacMan- convert mixed to improper

Clara’s Fraction Ice Cream Shop

convert improper to mixed

Add/Subtract Mixed Numbers

Comparing Fractions

Order Fractions

Dirt Bike Comparing Fractions

Balloon Pop- Ordering Fractions

Decimals of the Caribbean

Identify decimals